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The little girl who lives down the lane [userpic]

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good counter/cabinet person? We bought a new stove that doesn't fit, and we need someone to cut out part of our counter and cabinet so that it would fit. Thanks!

Derek J Neuland [userpic]

Amazon is offering a free 1 year subscription to Amazon Prime (Free 2 day shipping, $3.99 overnight shipping): http://amzn.to/bSH8jP

This is being marketed towards college students but all you need is a valid .edu email address, so teachers and alumni can benefit from this too!

Now is a time that I wish I was still in college. Oh well, what can you do?

Ian Rennie [userpic]

We're moving to England, and as part of the move, we need to find a home for our two cats: Fluffy and Pei-Pei. We could get them shot and chipped, but quie apart from the expense, the thought of them being tossed in the hold of a plane for hours, and destroyed at the other end if their chips don't work, is heartbreaking.

Fluffy and Pei-Pei are sisters, seven years old, and have lived with us their whole lives. Fluffy is like a cuddy toy of a cat, and is sweet, affectionate, and very cute indeed. Pei-Pei is smarter, funnier, and more adventurous, but also has a sweet side that she turns on if she really likes you. We want if at all possible to find a home for both of them together. They have both been spayed and do not have fleas. They were given immunizations in 2006, and have tested negative for FIV and leukemia. They've been indoor cats their whole lives, and are well trained in using litter boxes. They could be outdoor cats (and are fascinated with going outdoors) with a little adjustment.

We just want to make sure that they're well looked after by someone who would love them, so if you have a home you could give to two of the sweetest cats you will ever meet, please let us know by replying here or emailing me at irennie@gmail.com

...an illusion or fabrication of the mind... [userpic]

Hello All,

Does anyone have a recommendation for a good shoe repair shop? I need to have a pair of shoes stretched.

Thank you in advance.

the best damn chiefs fan. period. [userpic]

Hi everybody! My name's Chris, and I'm a future transplant! Back in August, me and my fiancee took a road trip to decide where we would begin our married lives together, esp since I've grown to hate snow quite fiercely. We decided to move to a new city after the wedding, and traveled down to Louisville, Nashville, Charlotte, and Raleigh (basically, cities that were within a day's drive home). Arriving in Charlotte really felt most like home out of all of the places (it helps that most of the city feels like our suburbs) so we decided to call it home. We will be arriving July 1st and are really looking forward to it. How does everyone here like your version of the Queen city? We were just there at the beginning of March looking at apartments (26 in 3 days!) and having job interviews (her not me), and with all the driving around we did, it was pretty hard to have to leave. So does anyone have any recommendations for Charlotte when we live there? We both jog, don't like NASCAR, I'm into football and baseball mostly, ect. I look forward to getting to know you all, and inundating you with all of my snarky comments :)

angelchrome [userpic]


Branches closing are: Beatties Ford, Belmont, Cornelius, Hickory Grove, Myers Park, Morrison, Scaleybark, Sugar Creek, CheckItOutlet, Carmel, Independence & Mint Hill

This includes a new branch and two Regional branches. People on Twitter and Facebook are currently trying to assist with a donation drive to help the libraries make up some of the funding shortage for the financial year ending June 2010. If you can help, know someone who can help or are just willing to spread the word, your support would be hugely appreciated.

Donate: http://www.cmlibrary.org/support

ETA: According to CML twitter the board will allow donations to offset salary and Charles Brown (director) will be on Charlotte Talks tomorrow on WFAE to answer questions.

Ashley [userpic]

Hi all! I wanted to say thank you for all the responses I got on the the post below!  I appreciate all the help!

Now that I have a bit more to go on and my husband and I have spoken to our current leasing office about the length of our lease, we are shooting to move to Charlotte in May of 2011. We are having a vow renewal celebration with our families in September of this year, so we are thinking after all the "wedding" hoopla has died down, we would check things out in November or December (before Thanksgiving or after, but before Christmas).

However, I am thinking that maybe 6 months wouldn't be enough time to apartment hunt or leave any additional time if we had to schedule another apartment-hunting trip?

If we do decide to do it before the wedding,  a trip to Charlotte would have to be in July-is that too far out? Should I be getting in touch with places next month?

Sorry for all the questions-neither of us have moved out of state before and it's a bit daunting! Much appreciated! ♥

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Ashley [userpic]

*waves* Hi! I am not sure if there is much traffic in this community, but I thought I would ask here anyway!

My husband and I are planning to move to Charlotte from outside Chicago next May or August (not totally sure about the month). I am trying to figure out what neighborhoods to consider living in, but I don't really have a sense of where anything is, aside from google maps.

We are looking for a place that is in a nice neighborhood that is not too far from shops, restaurants, nightlife things, etc. Are there certain areas that are nicer than others? The only advice from another community was to stay away from anything off Independence? I wasn't totally sure what to make of that.  My husband and I are no strangers to not-so-safe neighborhoods and while we don't prefer that, I just want to know what's what because right now locations see a bit arbitrary...

Thoughts? Much appreciated!

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DJ Spider [userpic]

We're back, baby! :)

The retro Thursdays you know and love are back at Closet, Charlotte's newest progressive dance club!

Located on the corner of Elizabeth and Charlottetowne (former home to Eden and Sky, and in front of Cuisine Malaya), the area has plenty of parking....contrary to popular belief!  Not only are there 70 spaces around the club, the newly renovated Elizabeth area has parking on any number of sidestreets as well.  There are also scads of restaurants (Nothing but Noodles, 1900 Mexican Grill, SK Net Cafe, etc) and is super convenient to both downtown and Central for those who like to do a little party hopping!

As always, the event is 18 and up, a minimal cover (with secret passwords to get in free before 11....stay tuned!), and playing the new wave, alternative and dark classics you love.  We even have our beloved  Jarrett behind the mezzanine bar.  DJ TinTin will be joining us in February, and I already have special events planned, including the return of the amazing Boston-based DJ addambombb on 2/18.

So yeah, the old gang is back together (we're not calling the night "Notorious" for nothin'!), in a shwanky new location, and we're going to get crazy with the cheeze-whiz and kick out the jams!

tesslouise [userpic]

I'm looking for recommendations for a pediatric allergist. One knowledgable about breastfeeding and food allergies in infants would be awesome. Thank you.

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